Dinosaur Wave
Judith Hoffman, “Dinosaur Wave”

Welcome to another edition of Webfinds Wednesday! Today I would like to give you a nudge into the direction of Judith Hoffman’s Flickr Page. This is not exactly a new find for me. Flickr tells me I have been following her stream for 84 months now, which is almost exactly 7 years. If I remember correctly, it was her copper books which first got me interested in her work. And while the copper books sure are amazing (copper is so beautiful!), what I find fascinating about her photostream is that she constantly experiments with new techniques and ideas, and very freely and openly shares her results and experiments. Whether it be instructions how to build a pinhole camera, how to solder copper, image transfer techniques, experiments with polymer clay, how to ship artwork, or eco or rust prints, you can find this and much more among other photos about studio visits or her pinhole prints.  

zymo 127 pinhole camera detail
Judith Hoffman, Zymo 127

Of course she also has a website. If you just want to see her artist books you can find dedicated galleries there. And there is also a list of downloadable tutorials by her. But make sure you do not miss all the other fun that can be found in her Flickr photostream!

page tests for new book - offset hinges
Judith Hoffman, a book experiment with translucent polymer clay

Her work ranges from serious over funny to beautifully crazy. So, if you really have not seen her work yet, do head over there immediately. – Enjoy!

7 Extinction Events Again
Judith Hoffman, “Extinction Events”

(All images in this post by Judith Hoffman, used with permission.)

4 replies on “Webfinds Wednesday: Judith Hoffman”

    1. Hallo Lyrifant!

      Es freut mich, dass ich was zeigen konnte, was du noch nicht kanntest, und besonders, dass es dich anspricht.

      Danke auch für deinen Kommentar! Ich habe mich sehr gefreut, gleich als ich ihn letzte Woche gesehen habe. Und dann war immer so viel anderes los, dass ich Dir antworten immer wieder nach hinten geschoben habe.

      Ich hoffe, du bleibst dabei, und auch nächsten Monat kann ich was interessantes für dich ausgraben. Eine schöne Woche noch!


    1. Hello Cathryn,

      glad I could be of service, even though you already knew abotu Judith, of course. Since the big change of Flickr almost 3 years ago now, I used Flickr very little, I must say. I migrated to ipernity when they changed the way everything looked and worked. Since then they actually improved how one can check out recent activity, and in the past year I found myself visiting more again…
      I do miss seeing the photostream of various contacts, among them Judith’s.

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