Two-Colored Coptic Headbands

double 01

This weekend I have been experimenting with two-colored Coptic headbands. The principle is always the same: Chain stitches along the book boards.

These are so straight forward generalizations of the Coptic headband as I have learned to do them that I can’t believe it has not been done before. I don’t know of any written source that covers the making, though. If you know one, please let me know. The names you’ll see below are just my own – probably they already have different names. I’d be glad to learn these names if you know them.

When I first thought about Coptic double headbands, I thought of what I will call below the true double headband. But it took me a while (two hole days) to figure out how to make it. And on the way I found some other variations of the theme, some useful and others plainly ugly. Here are those that I think I might be doing again:

twocolored coptic headbands 10

This is the most simple version and no double headband at all – it’s just two colored.

fake double 02
This are two versions of what I would call fake double headbands. It is really just two headbands side by side. The brown and yellow is done in opposite directions: one (the brown) from right to left and the other from left to right. For the brown-olive version I made them both from right to left.
On the left you see the view from outside the boards.

fake double 03
Fake double headbands, seen from inside the boards.

poor double 05
This is what I call a poor double headband. It is a simple headband (white) with the red string additionally looping around. The result is asymmetric. On the left you see it from outside the boards.

poor double 04
And this is the poor double headband seen from inside the boards.
– The treads are not cut-off properly, sorry.

plain double 09
This is what I would call a plain double headband and I think the most beautiful result that I have so far. The blue-white is really the same as the brown-olive that you see at the edge of the picture. It’s just less dense and more evenly woven. This is the view from outside the boards.

plain double 08
The plain double headband seen from inside the boards.

true double 06
And finally this is what I call a true double Coptic headband: It features chain stitches with two threads, here in two colors, that are truly and symmetrically interlooped. This is the view from outside the boards.

true double 07
The true double Coptic headband seen from inside the board.

So, what do you think, do you like these two-colored headbands? And which one do you like best?

Sorry that I can’t present them on a real book – I spent all the time figuring out how to do them, and didn’t have time yet to fit them on a book. I think they would look best on a book with really thick, maybe wooden, boards.

I wish you a good start into this new week. Thanks for reading!

7 replies on “Two-Colored Coptic Headbands”

  1. I do like the two coloured (first one) the double headbands I don’t like so much, sorry 🙂

    Do you mean a written source of (copric) headbands in general or just for the two coloured or the double?

  2. Thanks, Liesan, for your opinion – you agree with my husband, by the way 🙂

    I meant written source of two colored or double Coptic headbands. But if you know a source that treats Coptic headbands in general I would also be interested.
    I have “Headbands, How to Work Them” by Jane Greenfield and Jenny Hille. They treat one type of one-colored coptic headbands, but it’s definitely not their main interest. I know that Szirmai treats some variants, but I don’t have access to this source, and I don’t think they are multi-colored. And these are all descriptions of which I know.

  3. I think your illustrations will be very useful to anyone trying to figure out how to do coptic headbands.I like them all but I think the plain double headbands look very elegant.

  4. I like the first the best–the two coloured, for its simple appearance.

    I just received your book today in the BEST swap, and I just wanted to say Thank You! I love it, and look forward to using it!

  5. Yes, I, too, like the simplicity of the first one. But Carol is right in saying this will be helpful for people (like myself!) who need to practice Coptic.;-) Thankyou for showing us this.

  6. Thanks for all the feedback – apparently none of you knows of literature about multi-colored Coptic headbands? I am thinking of writing it up myself then. If you should come across a source later on, I’d still be grateful if you let me know.
    Since you all liked the most simple versions best I think I’ll start with writing up those.

  7. These are AEWSOME!!! Does this mean you will be explaining how to make them? I do hope so I’d love to learn how to make these.

    What kind of thread did you use for this, I mean what weight etc

    Great pictures

    Best wishes


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