The Tea Book

The Book of Tea

Before I start into the weekend (to celebrate the graduation of my youngest sister) I want to show off my latest book. Please note the “true Coptic double headbands“. But it’s the inside pages what interests me now: On the picture above you can hopefully see that they are colored. I dyed them using tea (again). Other than the last time I didn’t dip the paper in tea, but applied it with brushes. Like painting with the tea on the sketching paper. And this time I didn’t actually use real tea brewed from the leaves of the tea plant but from fruits, peppermint, and other herbs.

The Book of Tea

I tried to capture the effect in the picture to the left, but it turned out surprisingly hard to make good photos of it. The coloring of the pages vary significantly from a faint gray to a rather bright yellow. It was meant to give a more interesting background for a journal. When I held the finished book in my hands, I briefly thought about leaving it as it is (as a book filled with tea-paintings). But this is a stupid idea: It is a journal with an interesting background.


I first painted the whole sheets from both sides (letting them dry before turning them over). Then I teared them to size, completely wet them again, and let them dry between thick pieces of coarsely woven cotton (was the an  upholstery material before). I once changed the fabric between them, and pressed them while they were then drying over night. This gave them a nice structure (visible on this photo – at least if you know what to look for).

I wish you a nice weekend! – And leave you with another picture of my book.

The Book of Tea

3 replies on “The Tea Book”

  1. What a big process this Tea Book has been through. It looks like it was a labor of love – the end result is very nice. What is the covering material?

  2. Thanks, Monica!
    I don’t know exactly what the covering material is; I think it’s some kind of synthetic fibre. It used to be a part of a lampshade.

    I still can’t comment on your blog, btw. Some big beast seems to swallow everything that I try to post there, without leaving so much as a colon. So, thanks for the instruction on the folded star books on this way – it’s bookmarked.

  3. This is a stunning book. The tea staining gives the cover and pages a velum look. I love the texuturing that the papers have taken from the drying fabric.

    Superb head bands really beautiful work. Very well done, they finish off the book perfectly.

    Best wishes

    Billie 🙂

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