The Sea Project continued

work in progress, H. Kurzke

I had another go today at my sea pictures, and worked on “real” paper this time. Still pondering whether and how to proceed with those. But I had fun using this Waterford rag paper and spreading bright color lusciously.

The scans are bad, I know. The strips of ocean were too large, and I had to scan it in several pieces. Plus the colors seem a little too dull. But here you have some impression of where I am going: The fisher is just a prop and it is his turn next to receive some improvement. I want to change the silhouette (I guess I am going to make him fatter), and then probably cut and print from lino.

The fish you see there, a word by word translation from German it would be called “shooter”, “Sch├╝tze”. (Maybe one of your knows how it is really called in English?) Is that enough of a cliffhanger?

work in progress, H. Kurzkework in progress, H. Kurzke