Things are Moving Again – Slowly

Did you know tigers hibernate? I didn’t before this year, but experience now has shown they occasionally do, at least the book tigers… Officially, the UK went into lockdown on 23rd of March (I closed shops a week earlier), and from 1st of June, lockdown eases were announced. Officially we are now out of lockdown […]


I have been slacking in finishing the scolls and boxes for my 346 edition. I had set myself so many deadlines already, and missed most of them. I did make my own deadline that allowed me to send the first copy off to the SoB show to London and that gave me a bit of […]

Worktable Weekly – Sanding, Printing, Gluing, Sculpting

Being true to my own goals for this year, I thought I’d summarize my last week. Last Wednesday I drove to a DIY centre and bought another pine rod to form my dowels for the 346 scrolls, 2.5cm x 240cm. I also bought two wooden saws and a saw bench. I must say, I almost […]