Worktable Weekly – Sanding, Printing, Gluing, Sculpting

Being true to my own goals for this year, I thought I’d summarize my last week. Last Wednesday I drove to a DIY centre and bought another pine rod to form my dowels for the 346 scrolls, 2.5cm x 240cm. I also bought two wooden saws and a saw bench. I must say, I almost […]

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Small things
detail of bottle no. 77 showing the book snug inside the drawer of the nightstand

As you all know, I have been working on my project message in a bottle for two and a half years now. The contents of the bottles vary over time, although I have some favorites (like fish stamps) that pop up again every now and then. Generally the content of the bottles moves on with […]

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Worktable Weekend

I am keeping about four journals at a time: There is a sketchbook, a notebook both for random and occasional ideas just with different papers. And then I also keep a studio journal. (And a personal journal which I “keep” but unfortunately don’t find the time to enter anything at the moment, but that is […]

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