General Updates: Ruled Worlds, Soul Song, Project Message in a Bottle, Thread, and End of Business Year

Checking the archives, I see it has been four weeks since I gave you the last update on my work, the book soul song to be precise. I was already then complaining that progress was slow. Well, the title of the blog suggests that part of this web-journal are stories about the walls into which […]

The story of 40 misprints

Manchmal entwickeln sich ja aus guten Ideen, und jeweils für den Moment nachvollziehbaren Entscheidungen Dinge, die im nachhinein betrachtet, ziemliche Schnapsideen sind. So denn auch mit dieser total verpfuschten Druckserie… Sometimes you have a good idea, and while you are doing this, there are many small decision that all seem right at the moment but […]