While still searching for something to enter into the show I mentioned in my last post, I decided to try non-toxic alu-plate lithography at home. Find out more here. I bought the book, by the way, and can very much recommend it. – And it works! Much to try out now.

Trying new ways for Soul Song

It might happen that “soul song” is being cast into yet another new form. Other people might do sketches and decide then, I have to try it out. I’ll see. I have two or three new ideas how this should go on. I really liked the look of the white gesso with the golden tips […]

New Type of Changeover/Headbands

When sewing a book on tapes with the intention of leaving the spine exposed, the kettle stitch always requires some thinking. Whereas the rest of the sewing pattern looks nice almost automatically, the kettle stitch gives an uninteresting pattern at best. Usually I hide it behind a partially covered spine. Or at least the initial […]