Ruling Pens and Technical Pens – Part I: Ruling Pens

I have recently started to buy some technical drafting tools and experimented a little with different kinds of usage for them. I mentioned that I could show off my (many newly acquired) collection of pens, and to my delight, you seemed interested. While writing it, I realized that just showing you a picutre of my […]

The Joy of Sacks

Just because I am not binding books these days doesn’t mean I don’t shop for bookbinding. In the book “Going Postal” by Terry Pratchett, there is a guy named Stanley an extreme nerd who collects pins. In one scene he opens a sack of pins he bought earlier. The paragraph goes like this: He was […]

Selfmade Scoring Board

I have had quite a couple of requests for A5 sized books in the last time. Up until now, I measured the size on each sheet of paper, and cut accordingly. That takes an awful amount of time. So this weekend I finally made something to facilitate this work. The dark horizontal lines are slits […]