Still Living: Soul Song in a new Form and more books

It has been a while since I last posted here. – Sorry about that! Life has been even more demanding than usual, with the kids being in hospital for a test for which they needed to be sedated, followed by now two weeks of the kids taking turn in being sick at home with high […]

General Updates: Ruled Worlds, Soul Song, Project Message in a Bottle, Thread, and End of Business Year

Checking the archives, I see it has been four weeks since I gave you the last update on my work, the book soul song to be precise. I was already then complaining that progress was slow. Well, the title of the blog suggests that part of this web-journal are stories about the walls into which […]

Ruled Worlds

Attentive readers might have notices a plural when I was talking about current projects. Here are some pictures of the other one: Ruled Worlds. Wer gut aufgepasst hat, hat vielleicht den Plural bemerkt, wenn ich von meinen derzeitigen Projekten gesprochen habe. Das hier sind nun zwei Bilder (vom gleichen Objekt) von meiner anderen Arbeit: Ruled […]