Worktable Wednesday: Asian Stab Bindings

The day started off with writing a proposal for a custom order that was still pending. Then I decided to stock up on my Coptic Headbands book today, and write something like a tutorial for Asian stab bindings. Those stab bindings were the first I learned to make from instructions (before that I tried to […]

Worktable Wednesday: I was busy and worked on different projects than planned

O.k., I admit it, I was going to cheat a little with this first real Worktable Wednesday. I had been thinking for at least the last two days about what kind of works I wanted to do today, and my decision was to continue the work of last week. During the weekend I had cut […]

Back Then

When I was cleaning out some drawers in my studio today, I found these – strips of white cloth, (as well as some rests of a shirt with stripes, but I used up most of those), “backed” with gray tissue paper, and rests of a gauze bandage. I used these when I started to make […]

Inspiration – or not

I added a bunch of new stuff to my shop recently: A batch of beautiful new “Write it up!”- Journals (this time with the correct position of sewing stations), two journals with craft paper in the same size and style as my travel journals, but with leather and gold covers, and without a slipcase, and […]