New Type of Changeover/Headbands

When sewing a book on tapes with the intention of leaving the spine exposed, the kettle stitch always requires some thinking. Whereas the rest of the sewing pattern looks nice almost automatically, the kettle stitch gives an uninteresting pattern at best. Usually I hide it behind a partially covered spine. Or at least the initial […]

Coptic Headband Instructions – Second Edition finally for Sale. My Birthday. Give Away!

It’s my birthday today! I love waking up to candle light, blowing them out, and making a wish. And I love getting presents, and calls, and congratulations from everyone. I dug out this photo from a stash of discarded pictures – sorry to family members who look way out of phase. This was taken probably […]

Six Ways To Make Coptic Headbands

There it is: My first, ready bound, and printed copy of  “Six Ways To Make Coptic Headbands” by Hilke Kurzke. It has 65 pages, contains 84 photos and one sketch, instructions for the usual, one-colored Coptic headband, and the five others that I discovered a few months ago. The last chapter is dedicated to troubleshooting. […]