I promised to make pictures of the finished first two Möbius books, and in the meanwhile the third Möbius book is also done. I already said it before: The sound the books make really is also important to me, and the third book is especially designed to give a different sound. Since I first remarked […]


More and better images of this first prop are now available. Click here to see the set on Flickr. Ich hab’ mittlerweile neue und bessere Fotos von meinem Entwurf für mein neuestes Buch gemacht. Was genau auf den Seiten zu sehen sein wird, wird noch nicht verraten. Nur so viel: Es wird wieder ein leicht […]

The Awful German Language – The Special Edition is Finished

I finished this special edition of “Awful German Language” with my hand printed lino cuts just in time for the craft fair and the holidays. The text is by Mark Twain who spent time in Heidelberg, learning German. He had fallen in love with Heidelberg, gushing over its splendor in “A Tramp Abroad”. Apparently he […]

Unforgotten – the newest book tunnel

This is the inside of my newest book tunnel. Like the other tunnel it is meant to picture a type of book/a class of literature reception. (Anyone out there who has a good word to describe this?) This one is dedicated to the rediscovered classic. It is probably (hopefully) not hard to tell that you […]