printing day 002 cropI started my adventures with printmaking relatively late. It must have been in Autumn 2008 when I spotted a lino cutting set in a stationery shop and took it home. The beginning of a new passion! It is apparently quite common to teach lino cutting in German schools as an introduction to printmaking. I didn’t have that luck.
I did have an introduction to printmaking in school, though: We tried drypoint etching on Rhenalon. Unfortunately my teacher told me when I asked him, that a) this was not really a medium appropriate for “real” art. Real artists would use copperplates, and moreover b) specialist equipment like a press was needed. (This is very representative of the frustrating excounters I had with art in my early years.) All in all I took from our discussion that I should rather not persue this. A shame, because I already loved it back then, and then believed him and gave it up. And it took me almost 30 years until I tried again, found that it is easy enough to set up at home. – And that being an artist is not defined by what materials you use.

Anyway. May I introduce some of my prints? If you would like to purchase one, feel free to contact me. Sometimes they are listed in my Büchertiger Etsy Shop, but especially older prints usually are not.

with child detail 2-3With Child

With child is a print I made for a printmaking competition on Washi paper. It combines several different printing techniques. It shows a pregnant woman, being stared at by a couple of pairs of eyes faintly visible around her. She herself is depicted as a skeleton with an outline, and the child is visible inside her.


bookmark scan 10 kleinerBookmarksbookmark-infiltrating

In spring 2015 I printed a series of “woman with hat”, which I intended to enter for Sarah Bodman’s Bookmarks project. I ended up entering something very different, a print called “infiltrating the library”, showed on the right. But since then I have been thinking about printing more women with hats and more bookmarks.


FeathersFish and Featherslil fish kleiner

In 2013 I started to systematically experiment with what I called drypoint on cardboard and lino – probably it would have to be called a form of collagraph printing. I stuck to mostly fish and feathers, and have printed many more fish and feathers since then.




I am currently working on more information and photos until more can be seen, please have a look at my print related album on ipernity. Thank you for your interest!