Blank Books

When B├╝chertiger started in 2008, making journals and other blank book was at the core of the studio activity. However, since I had twins in 2011, I am making fewer and fewer books that are ready to order. I never stopped making them, though, and my focus might change again when I have more time at my hands, but until then I make books mostly on commission. Those that I have ready to order can be found in my Folksy shop. Below I included some photos that show a limited selection of types of blank books and DVD cases I can make.


If you are interested in commissioning a book, please contact me. I enjoy working on and finding special solutions for personal requirements. Most of the commissions I made in the past were for blank books, but often adorned with a specially made lino print or another special design. I made a miniature book for a weddings to go into the locket of the bride, a special travel journal that doubled as a cook book, a sketchbook with an integrated fold-out pallet, included pockets, and the series of DIY journals (now sold as instructions) was the result of a commission for a journal for someone who disliked writing in books due to the centrefold. I made sketchbooks in a special format for a graphic artist who makes traditional three panel mangas. My most famous commissioner was the Levi Strauss Company for who I made two large watercolour journals for a promotional project. And there are and many more, chances are, I can make the right thing for you.

A small selection of photos of blank books and containers