status report and wallpaper pattern

Yesterday the furniture for my studio was delivered by some friendly strong men, and the postman brought my new inkjet printer.

I assembled about half of the furniture, and today I would like to finish assembling, and then arange all my stuff in there again, so that I can then – hopefully – finish the pamphlets this week, and have them in the mail by Monday. But, I am still moving and working at a snail’s pace since I can’t be standing for a long time (twisted my ankle and partially tore a ligament last week), and in addition to that I am growing a cold – I blame the ice on my foot.

Somehow I couldn’t find the calm to work in this chaos. Of course I would have been able to sketch a bit while holding my foot up, and at least prepare some more cuts. But feeling sick and sore, I rather sat on the couch and finished reading “Der Schreksenmeister” by Walter Moers.

Two weeks ago I was experimenting with the above pattern – my initial idea for the content of the pamphlets. Click on the tumbnail to get a enlarged view.

I saw the pattern on a wallpaper in a hotel during my USA trip this summer, I don’t remember clearly in which one. It had something hypnotic about it, and I I tried to “understand” it: How is it constructed? Could it be made as a threedimensional object? Which of the branches are connected? I had planned to experiment also with distortions, but when my sketch booklet ran out of pages I was quite fed up with the pattern for the moment. Maybe I’ll pick it up later again.

First I’ll have to arrange my studio and finish the promised pamphlets… Today actually would be the deadline to send them away. Sorry to Dymphie and Cathryn who have to wait for them. – And now I’ll try to work on my studio for a while. Have a nice day!