Slowly getting there

The cover finished that I started (and showed a work in progress of on Friday.) Now all that is left is that hashtag binding I am going to make of which Smith says it is like landing a plane by reading the manual. Haha!

The paste paper that I am supposed to show off sits on the inside covers as a paste down, and a tiny bit is visible on the front. Not the most visible part of a book. I pondered putting it completely on the outside, but Tanja seemed to prefer a full leather binding, and so I hope she will be satisfied with my work and my idea.

book cover by H. Kurzke

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  1. If Keith Smith says it’s like landing a plane by reading the manual… oh dear. This I need to see. The cover looks wonderful. I was noting the calculator on your work table in the last post picture. Mathematicians, I suppose, make the neatest and most well-proportioned books… 😉

    1. I meant Keith Smith, yes, but I quoted from my memory. And now I looked it up and realized I slightly misquoted him. Here is the real thing:

      Don’t guess when you sew this one. You cannot know intuitively which station to exit inside the sections. This sewing requires following the written instructions, much like landing a plane via instruments than by sight.

      Oh and the calculator… It is always near because I am so crappy at doing calculations in my head. I think that really good proportions require more than precise maths. Usually I eyeball things like probably everyone. But to get a first idea, I often use the calculator. In this case, I calculated the average gap between the 10 sewing stations on a 17cm long spine…

      I am glad you like the outcome so far 🙂

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