Sewing on Raised Cords

sewing on raised double cords

Sorry for neglecting this blog at the moment. I am busy with making a books, and finishing a custom order until the end of the week, (Aaaaaargh – today I am at the point in my schedule where it says: Tuesday mid-day!)

I’ll fill you in with all the details, when I find the time to do so. Since I have a vacation planned shortly after this deadline, it may take a while to the next post.

Above you see one of the books, still without covers. This is an English style sewing on double raised cords with packing. I am satisfied with how it came out, and proud that it looks so evenly stitched. That comes at a price though – I spend ridiculous 4 hours completing it. – Now I have to get done with the covers, to at least get done with what is written in the Tuesday-column of my schedule!

Sorry, dass ich im Moment mein Blog hier so vernachlässige. – Es ist gerade jede Menge zu tun, und ich werde mich dann mit allen Details melden, wenn ich wieder Luft habe. Bis demnächst!

5 replies on “Sewing on Raised Cords”

  1. The stitching looks beautiful! And I have been most impressed by all your recent works — the Mobius Book was brilliant! It would have made me crazy!

    I made a Mobius Book once but it was much simpler.

  2. The stitching on the raised cords looks absolutely even and regular, Hilke — really beautiful to see! Well done. That is going to be a gorgeous book when you have finished it. I hope that you’ll post pictures of the finished work to inspire your readers.

  3. Thank you! To both of you. That’s very motivating. I messed up on the second try to make a box for the book that came out of this experiment, and felt so frustrated! Will take a break now, try again tomorrow. If all goes well I will have a book and a box to photograph and show off the day after. – I do hope so!

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