I love experimenting with print and different print techniques, and mostly keep my process light and playful. Using easily available materials frees up my thinking and helps me simply to enjoy the process. Most of my prints are relief prints, cut from whatever comes to my hand: rubber stamping materials and erasers as well as traditional printmaking lino and wood. But I also utilize other printmaking techniques like screenprints, aluminium (kitchen) litho, drypoint in rhenalon, and others.

Many of my print sessions result in mini prints of which I make to produce business cards (ATCs), bookmarks and other ephemeral items that I mostly give away or swap (let me know if you are interested). But every now and then I make what I consider a more serious print, in a larger format, which I then offer for sale. Here are some of the more recent “bigger” prints:

Nottingham inspired

Varying edition of 50.

Some of the prints are just the black linoprint, others have a colourful background whichis a silkscreen monoprint.

print size: 12cm x 15cm
paper size: 28cm x 38cm

Blank Background: £80
Monoprint Background: £120


Limited edition of 20.

This is a reduction or suicide print from a woodblock. The background was printed from another piece of wood.

Price: £45



Women With Hats

Limited Edition of 22

Artist Book/Collection of bookmarks. The edition of these books is limited to 22, each of the booklets has a handprinted wrapper, and a folded book inside which holds 6 different bookmarks from my woman with hat series. The prints themselves are not limited, just this presentation of rendition.

Price: £10

Here are some more images to look at from other prints I made:


In many of my bottles for my project message in a bottle I used small rubber stamps as well as larger prints. Usually I don’t show the content of bottles that have not been found (yet), but I make an exception for you here: Click on the thumbnail below to start the slideshow.

Since I participated in Sarah Bodman’s Bookmark project, I have been making different bookmarks. Some you have seen already above in the general gallery. If you would like to see more, click here: