I like to use cheap, simple and easily available materials for my prints. Not having to be precious about ruining a block or plate is important for my process. And so I am using cardboard and plastic sheeting along with a range of different soft lino blocks as well as traditional brown artist lino. Since we had building work done recently, I now have a stack of wood cut-offs in my studio that wait for me to discover wood cutting.

I am also using aluminium foil to make kitchen litho prints, and recently started first experiments with screen printing.

As you’ll see when you browse the galleries below, beside different topics that came to mind here or there, I have been interested in the depictation of lions, fish, feathers, and most recently women.

I hope you’ll enjoy my little selection of prints here:

In many of my bottles for my project message in a bottle I used small rubber stamps as well as larger prints. Usually I don’t show the content of bottles that have not been found (yet), but I make an exception for you here: Click on the thumbnail below to start the slideshow.

Since I participated in Sarah Bodman’s Bookmark project, I have been making different bookmarks. Some you have seen already above in the general gallery. If you would like to see more, click here: