Playing, Experimenting – what’s the difference?

Here I am experimenting with acrylic paints.I never formally learned how to use them. I just do.

Hier experimentiere ich mit Acrylfarben. Ich bin ein wenig erschrocken, wie viele Bücher / Anleitungen / Kurse es zum Thema Malen mit Acrylfarbe gibt. Wahrscheinlich ist jeder, der sich auch nur ein bisschen auskennt, erschrocken darüber, was ich hier mache. Ich habe nämlich eigentlich gar keine Ahnung, und verteile die Farbe einfach mal so drauflos.

Tyvek. Always wanted to try it. I read so much about others using it for spine linings, paper art, paper engineering… So today I took a two hour walk to buy these Tyvek envolopes (a good hour to find that store – I was so sure I knew where it was, and just when I was about to give up, I found it – and half and hour to walk back.)

Tyvek. Unzerreißbares Papier. Wollte ich schon immer mal ausprobieren, was ich jetzt damit mache, weiß ich noch nicht.
Und unten seht ihr mein erstes Experiment mit Washi-Papier. Ich bin noch nicht so sicher, dass ich es wirklich mag. Und auch hier weiß ich noch  nicht so genau, was ich eigentlich damit vorhabe.

And this is the washi paper I bought recently. It is shiramine washi, maybe the wrong kind. In first experiments it didn’t behave like I expected it to. But I am confident that one day there will be the project where it will be just the right thing to use. Or maybe I am just not yet done with playing experimenting with it.

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  1. Hilke, just playing around is often the best way to learn! This afternoon I had my own party: making backgrounds by scraping “kinder-toververf” (magic paint for children). I got it from a department-store -like the German “Kaufhof”. It costs € 1,95 per bottle. You can see some rersults on my blog:
    best, Annie – the Netherlands

  2. A two hour pilgrimage in search of Tyvek! Oh dear. I do hope you enjoy it!

    Playing around is good. How else would we ever learn? I’ve sometimes found that things that have sat around for over a decade or more turn out to be exactly what is suddenly needed one day on a project. That washi will be vital one day.

  3. I hope you will try painting with acrylics on the tyvek–the fibres create such a nice effect. In Canada Tyvek is a building material–not sure if it’s used the same way in Germany, but if you have any friends who are house builders, maybe you could barter with them for scraps!

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