Penultimate Headband Training Post

monastic headband prop
view from the edge

This is one of the headbands that I learned in the last days and particularly like. The plan is to use it on the next book which just came off the sewing frame. Hopefully I’ll be able to present it in the next days.

monastic headband prop
top view

Das hier ist eines der Kapitalbänder, die ich in den letzten Tagen gelernt habe, das ich besonders mag. Ich habe vor, es für mein nächstes Buch, das ich gerade erst von der Heftlade genommen habe, zu benutzen. Wenn nichts dazwischen kommt, werde ich es in den nächsten Tage hier vorzeigen.

monastic headband prop
spine view

2 replies on “Penultimate Headband Training Post”

  1. These posts are wonderful! I’ve stumbled my way through a couple of the simple endbands in that book, but have never tried making practice cards. What a good idea! You’re making me want to try endbands again. These are great–I bet the finished books will be fantastic! I’m glad you posted these.

  2. Hi Hilke, great endbands. Your blog and fb, flicker….and all other place are great place for come and just take a deep breath and enjoy….also always inspire me to work on new books, trying out new techniques and opportunities. Thanks.

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