New Tool, New Book

My new old Sewing Frame
My new old sewing frame. Click on the image to read on Flickr how I received it as a gift.

Those of you who also follow me on Flickr or Facebook already know that I received this beautiful sewing frame about two weeks ago. Now the first book that I sewed on the frame is finished. Here some images:

my sewing frame finally put into action
my sewing frame finally put into action

Vor mittlerweile 4 Wochen hatte ich Besuch hier in meinem kleinen Buchbindestudio. Zwei Frauen, die in Bonn zu einem Origamiworkshop gekommen sind, hatten sich angemeldet, so und haben wir einen sehr angenehmen Nachmittag schwatzend bei mir verbracht. Es stellte sich heraus, dass eine der beiden mit ihrem Mann eine Buchbinderei betreibt, und als ich erwähnte, dass ich mir eine Heftlade wünsche, hat sie mir glatt eine geschenkt!

Gestern bin ich nun endlich dazu gekommen, sie zu benutzen. Hier ein paar Bilder von der Lade, und dem ersten Buch, das ich darauf gemacht habe:

new sewing frame in action, heringbone stitch
a click brings you to Flickr and to larger versions
Marine Heringbone Stitch
a click brings you to Flickr and to larger versions

This is a Caroligian binding (according to Szirmai), on double raised cords with a heringbone stitch. I left the binding partially exposed, to show off the beauty of the stitch itself. If you want to see more images, – they can be found on Flickr or in my Shop.

Mehr Bilder gibt es auf Flickr oder in meinem Shop zu sehen.

3 replies on “New Tool, New Book”

  1. Love the herringbone stitch, you did a wonderful job! There is some envy crawling in my chest seeing the sewing frame… ;D Congrats with this great gift.

    1. Thank you, Dymphie, I am proud that you like the sewing! – And you have all reason to be envious of my sewing frame: You know this construction I used before, and although it was possible to make such a sewing with this makeshift arrangement, it was so much easier with this proper tool!

  2. Hilke, this is really beautiful. I haven’t done this sewing for years but now that I’ve seen yours I feel I’d like to have another go at it. My sewing frame looks very similar to yours and is very useful for sewing especially big books, or complicated styles. Do you have the Szirmai book? I find it one of my favourites and one day (I promise myself) I will make models of all the books in it.
    All the best, Carol

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