Jeansbooks Work in Progress
Jeansbooks, first three done

Hello, I am just briefly logging in to let you know what is the current state of affairs: I actually found some time to bind some of the prepared jeansbooks. More about that and about procastinating in a next post, I guess, when I have better photos of the finished books.

I think I failed to let you know that a couple of my books will be included in a small exhibition in November in Bath: Accordingly … Text + Art, AD44, Bath, 3rd to 8th November 2015. So if you are near, you might want to take a look! I might even be around for the private view on the 7th, I am still trying to arrange everything so that it might work.

kurzke screenshot
Screenshot of the entry page of my new homepage

AND I have been working secretly on a new website for a couple of months now. As things are over here, progress has been slow, but I decided to go public for now, you can find the new page here: The page still needs adding to in the artist book section, links section and prints section. Once this is done (and this will take time), I’ll also transfer the blog to there. For now I’ll keep blogging here. Also I am planning to keep the domain name and set up redirects, so that all links keep on working. But I’ll keep you updated about that, and whether and when you should update your bookmarks. – Please apologize if the transfer to the new site should get a little bumpy. But at least it will be slow 🙂

So, now I am off to pick up the kids…

5 replies on “Jeansbooks Update and Website Update and Exhibition Announcement”

  1. The gallery in Bath looks terrific! I do hope you get to make it down for the opening. I’m so glad you are getting to be in some gallery shows.

    And your new website looks wonderful! I’ve just been browsing around there. I like the design and the navigation — the menus are nice and responsive. It’s all well-organized and easy to move around. I shudder to think of the work behind it! But the effort has paid off well. I’m impressed!

    Speaking of your current site, I was taking the photos of the monthly exchange books at last Saturday’s North Redwoods Book Arts Guild meeting (I’m the one who most often does this for their Flickr feed). At any rate, I was startled to see “” mentioned in someone’s colophon. It turned out the book had been inspired by your post about steamed leaf monoprints. Someone else then mentioned what a wonderful blog you have…

    1. Hello Ellen,

      thanks for your comment. – And my apologies for the late reply. As you might have noticed, I changed the policy, allowing you to comment without my approval. I didn’t realize that meant I wouldn’t get an email notification anymore, and so it went under my radar…
      I am happy to hear you like the new website and found navigation easy!
      How interesting to hear someone mentioned me in their colophon! Do you have a link, I would like to see what they made. – I am so happy to hear someone found my humble blog here so interesting!

  2. Comments can be so hard to keep track of! One thing you might want to consider, perhaps, is installing a WP plugin to allow people to subscribe to replies on your posts. When I moved over from Blogger, I hadn’t realized that WP requires a plugin for that. One of my more loyal readers (bless her!) almost immediately wanted to know why she couldn’t subscribe to my comments anymore, and that led me to finding a good plugin. One of the helpful things about it is that it will also alert you if there’s a new comment on one of your posts. It automatically subscribes me to comments on any of my own posts. Just a thought….

    I haven’t uploaded the exchange photos for this month yet — it takes me a while. But I’ll let you know when it’s up. Their Flickr account with previous months is here. I don’t take the photos every month, but I usually do. And, indeed, you were the topic of conversation! I don’t think you realize how widely liked your blog is. 🙂

    1. Oh, thank you for mentioning that. It sounds so stupid for not having noticed, but I kind of always assumed that it was possible to subscribe to comments here. Will have to look for a plugin, at least for the new site!
      And how wonderful to hear that I was a topic of a conversation. Feels a little surreal to me – but in a good way 🙂 I tend to feel a little isolated here, and more often than not get the impression I am talking to myself while blogging. How fantastic, weird and wonderful is the internet!

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