In Motion

So much to do, so little time. I am in motion almost all of the time, most painfully and restlessly when I am sitting quite still at the computer. – I think I never waited so urgently for the “days between the years” (that’s what the days between Christmas and New Year are called in Germany). It’s the first time that I have not yet made or bought a single Christmas present at this time, our flat is for the first time not decorated at all, and M. as well as myself, we are both working like crazy, and have not seen a whole day of non-working for several weeks. Apart from a weekend where our parents visited…

My typical workday starts at the moment at about 9 a.m. and doesn’t stop until 10 p.m., when I am leaving my studio tired, hungry, and kind of restless, and I find myself wondering sometimes: what have I done all day? The hours just seem to fly by without much finished work to show to you.

So what is it that I do while I lock myself up in the cave all day long: Well, there are some books to be made – and this is the really fun part of work. For example I finished just in time this morning a commission for a baby journal – it feels like the most enjoyable book I made in a while. I love commissions, and like knowing for what and most importantly that my books will get used.

Another of my current projects is the making of the second slightly improved edition of “Six Ways to Make Coptic Headbands”. While I typed the first edition with a text processing software, I am setting the new version with a real layout program. (I’m using scribus, and like it so far.) The text will be essentially the same as in the first edition. I am just correcting some misspellings and awkward formulations. But I added some new photos, and hope to generally increase readability. I scheduled the book for the first of February next year. The last two copies of the first edition that I still have in stock are available now at a 15% discount. – Check it out here.

Last week I made some paste papers, some of which are also listed in my shop for sale. Initially this post was meant to introduce them more closely. But the clock is ticking, by now the glue in my newest slipcase should be dry and I need to get back to work again. – So I leave you with just some photos, and will talk about them and how to make them in a more detailed post later this week!

The one above I call “sun over grass”, the one below is just one example of a pattern I made with various colors.
kleisterpapier_0009 hochkant
And the following is one example for another pattern from which I made a whole stack in a rainbow of colors. They, however, are not for sale at the moment:

kleisterpapier_0019 whole sheet hochkantHave a nice week!

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