Good News: Die Stadt/The City will be on display in Liverpool this Summer

Die Stadt / The City

Good news: I recently received notice that Die Stadt/The City has been selected for the artists’ book exhibition leading up to and accompaning the first Liverpool Artists’ Book Fair. The exhibition can be seen in the Liverpool Central Library. Based in the Horby Library, the exhibition will open on 2nd June and continue until 6th July 2014. The exhibition is available to view during library opening hours and entry is free. There will be books by artists who responded to their open call for art and do not participate in the book arts fair (like me), work of artists who will also be present with a stall at the fair, and they also display items from their rare book exhibition. I expect this will be a colourful and interesting exhibition.

Es gibt gute Nachrichten: Ich habe vor einigen Tagen die Nachricht erhalten, dass Die Stadt/The City für eine Ausstellung in Liverpool akzeptiert wurde. Vom 2. Juni bis zum 6. Juli wird es neben einer bunten Vielfalt anderer Künstlerbücher in der Liverpool Central Library zu sehen sein. Der Eintritt ist frei während der üblichen Öffnungszeiten der Bibliothek. Neben Büchern von Künstlern, die sich mit Büchern auf ihre Ausschreibung hin beworben haben, werden auch Stücke aus Ihrer Sammlung zu sehen sein. – Ich bin gespannt!

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  1. How exciting! And, having seen and held one, I know what a wonderful book indeed it is. I’m sure it’s going to be well-liked in the exhibit, which sounds quite interesting. What nice news!

    1. Hello, Ellen!

      Yes, I am very happy that the book is included, and – apart from my solo exibition two years ago – this will be the first exhibition where I will be able to go and see it among all the other treasures on display. We are already planning a family outing to Liverpool.


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