Getting closer to finishing the press


Endlich bin ich fast fertig mit dem Restaurieren der Buchpresse. Linker Hand ist nochmal ein Bild, wie sie aussah, als ich sie gekauft habe.
Heute bin ich endlich mit dem Saubermachen fertig geworden und sie hat eine erste Schicht Lack (Rostschutz und Lack und was nicht – das Produkt war angeblich 4 in 1) in mattem Schwarz bekommen.
Morgen werde ich noch ein bisschen Verzierung hinzufügen – und dann war’s das. – Endlich!

On the left you see the press how it looked when I bought it. Today I continued to clean it from the basic rust, and then started to scrub it with a wire pot cleaner and dish washing soap.

Then it was finally ready to be painted.


Not all of the previous paint is honestly gone as you can see in the picture. But I sanded all parts a bit and the platen(s) are really clean. Hopefully this suffices.

I wrapped the screw and the pieces that I don’t want to be covered in paint with strips of an old t-shirt and secured it with a bit of thread.

For basic painting I am using spraypaint that claims to combine 4 functions: Corrosion protection, color and whatever else.

I am planning to add some decorations tomorrow.  And then I will finally be done.


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  1. The press is looking good. Can’t wait to see it painted. I have one I’ve been planning to do up for years. Maybe you will inspire me – after I get the rest of my life working again.

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