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IMonster  Book by H.Kurzket is Etsy Euro Week!

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Many European Sellers offer various discounts this week. I am a little late with announcing it, therefore I am not (yet) listed on our Etsy Europe Blog, and the Etsy Germany Blog, but you can find other good deals there, too.

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I had a totally awesome last week: With a sudden burst of sales, wonderful conversations with customers, and a couple of inspiring commissions. I realized that I need to better streamline my shipping process:  I usually construct my own packaging from scrap corrugated board from used packaging and Kraft paper. It takes me about half an hour to get something packed which is totally fine to do once in a week. But when I had to pack several items on Saturday and it took me several hours – that felt extremely inefficient.

Do you remember that I mentioned I have to make something in exchange for a really tiny zine? I didn’t show off yet what I made because I didn’t want to spoil the recipients surprise. But I figured that it is o.k. to post by now. So this is what it turned out to be:
Digital Reading "Machine" Or E-Book

I decided to make a book (or book object) that stands for the exchange of ideas and photos on Flickr.

Digital Reading "Machine" or E-Book

It is fed a package of 1’s and 0’s through the tube, and spits out clear text from the head.

Digital Reading "Machine" Or E-book
Some kind of e-book so to say. Just that it works without batteries, and could be made from what can be found in MacGyver’s pockets: A glass tube, a plastic thingie and duct tape.

And now it’s back to my studio for me. I wish you all an inspired week!