Erased, a collaboration of Büchertiger Studio & Press and Rucni uvez Zoranoske

Version 1: Parchment with gesso ground on one side and acrylic wash on the other side, acrylics and ink

I mentioned before that I am working on a piece that is supposed to end up as a book collaboration between Zoran an me. The text is “erased” a poem that I wrote earlier this year. Since I started to work on it, I made countless trial versions, and now have 5 versions I dare count as actual outcome. Two of them – those that I like best, of course – are now on their way to Zoran, who will make a cover and binding for them. Not an easy task: How do you bind 7, 5 or 3 single pages?
Three versions are still here, and I wonder whether I should have a go at a binding, too.

Version 2: parchment, ink and acrylics, – no gesso or acrylic wash

Ich habe schon in einem vorherigen Blogpost meine Zusammenarbeit mit Zoran erwähnt. Seit ich zuerst daran gearbeitet habe, habe ich jetzt einen Haufen Probe-Exemplare und auch 5 fertige Exemplare von Erased fertig. Das ist ein Gedicht, das ich Anfang des Jahres geschrieben habe. Zwei von den fünfen – natürlich die, die mir selbst am besten gefallen – sind nun auf dem Weg zu Zoran. Er macht dann einen Einband und die Bindung. Das ist keine so leichte Aufgabe: Wie bindet man drei, fünf oder sieben Einzelblätter? – Drei Versionen habe ich noch hier, und ich überlege, ob ich selbst mich auch mal an Ihnen versuchen sollte.

Version 3: Parchment, gesso ground on one side, acrylics wash on the other, ink and metal leaf
Version 4: paper, ink, acrylics, – no gesso or acrylic wash
paper, gesso ground on one side, acrylic wash on the other, ink and acrylics

2 replies on “Erased, a collaboration of Büchertiger Studio & Press and Rucni uvez Zoranoske”

  1. What an intriguing collaboration. It sounds so complicated to figure out… but also a good kind of fun complicated, if you know what I mean. The handwriting is lovely, too. This is going to be very interesting!

    1. Haha, funny that you like the handwriting. I am used to people finding it rather awful and unreadable.

      I got marks on handwriting in school until 6th grade, but they were not honest marks, usually no-one got worse than 3=”satisfying” corresponds to a “C”. Toward the end of 5th grade, my teacher took me aside and told me: “Hilke, you know, this year I might not be able to give you a “3” in handwriting, you know, most of the time I cannot read what you write! Could you please learn to print?” I did, and people learned to read my scribbles. Since then I have been printing mostly, but slowly integrated a couple of cursive letters here and there, more when I am writing quickly. M. usually struggles with reading what I put on our shopping lists…

      So I was rather glad that most of my handwriting on that piece is covered up anyway. But of course I tried to write nicely here. I am happy to hear that apparently I succeeded 😀

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