Ein lange verfolgtes Projekt wird langsam fertig

Mein Buchbindekit und die Anleitung dazu nimmt immer mehr Gestalt an. Das hier ist das Buch, das ich aus einem Kit nun selbst gemacht habe, meiner eigenen Anleitung (die bislang nur Graphiken enthielt) folgend und dabei Fotos machend. Die müssen nun in die Anleitung eingearbeitet werden, dabei muss auch das Layout überarbeitet werden, und dann werde ich hoffentlich, endlich fertig.

The bookbinding-kit project is slowly coming to a close. The above is the book I made following my own instructions. Hopefully my test-users will have very similar looking results!

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    1. Hi Lillian,

      I’ll be happy to send you one. Actually I am delighted that you like them, given that I always loved your books and design choices. I am not sure, though, that this kit is what you would want and need: It contains the paper for the pages and the covers plus bookbinding needles plus the thread plus instructions in German. As far as I know you have already bound in this technique, don’t you? I thought more inexperienced binders would be the target group.

      1. I have only done the coptic with one needle, so there’s always kettlestitches on both edges. Besides, I always wonder if I’m doing it right, using the right materials etc, so testing your threads and papers would probably be quite interesting. I think. 🙂 Plus, I’d like to make kits myself – one day. But first, dinner… To think that I’ve never made tomato soup before…do you have a kit for that?? 😀

        1. No need to be so insecure about your methods – your books look so wonderful! But I am not going to try and convince you not to buy my kit anymore! 🙂 I’ll let you know when it is ready and am looking forward to hearing that you enjoyed it.

          And I am sorry, but no, I don’t have a tomato soup kit. Maybe I could fix you up bookbinding kit with a warhol tomato soup poster cover 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your soup!

  1. Everyone brings their own style to a structure. I make and have taught the coptic binding, but , like Lillian, I look at what you have done and find myself wanting to make one of YOUR coptic books. I think it’s great that you’ve precovered the board! It looks like a really lovely item.

    1. That everyone has their own approach and style to a structure is very true. I learned so much from a workshop with Nina Judin even thought I already knew most of what was in the workshop’s description.

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