Du bist min, ich bin din – Finally listed

Du bist min, ich bin din. - Mini Poetry Book

The edition is finally finished, and are available in my shops (see the right side bar for links). I had a great deal of difficulties making good photos from the books, I was shooting nearly 400 pictures which took more more than a whole day, and I am still not really satisfied. In the end I simply decided to choose the best 5 images from what I got and go with that.

I couldn’t quite decide whether I like the wooden background better or the white background, though. And the books sure look good on the Kraft paper background, but my skin (holding the books) not so much. Sigh! I spare you further complaining, and rather show you some of the images I have made. Most of the thumbnails are actually already approximately life sized (hold your own finger near to the screen to compare with mine to check!). If you click on a thumbnail, you can see the whole image lightly larger.

Endlich sind die kleinen Bücher fertig und auch in meinem Shop zu haben. Statt viel zu Reden – ihr habt ja das ganze Making-Off schon verfolgt – zeige ich euch einfach einige der Bilder, die ich habe. Die Thumbnails sind schon fast lebensgroß (haltet einfach mal euren Finger neben meinen auf dem Bild, um euch davon zu überzeugen). Wenn ihr auf eines der kleinen Bilder clickt, sehr ihr das ganze Bild leicht vergrößert.

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