Write it up!

While finishing some journals with lino cuts stamped onto fabric covers, I got two interesting commissions think about. One is for a photo album. I am going to use a variant of a buttonhole binding, so that the binding stays essentially the same, but I want to do something to protect the sewing thread of too much stress at the head and tail. I am planning to make a prop on Monday.

The second commission is more challenging – and thus more fun. This are the “instructions” or constrains I have been given

photo album sketch H.Kurzke
structure sketch
  • it’s supposed to be used as a sketchbook for making technical sketches in, so a ruler should work well enough on the pages
  • limp binding
  • give it a theme, and stay in theme with some interesting pages between the blanks and the cover and overall design; either craft theme, or construction theme, something like that
  • book mark ribbon would be nice
  • interesting closure, please

I have some vague ideas for the second one, but nothing really concrete. I want to do this well, and will give it some thought.

bottomless paddling pool - smallest zine
"The Smallest Zine in the World" by The Bottomless Paddling Pool

And finally I want to make something that makes a good swap for this zine by The Bottomless Paddling Pool, or Sid Skulluxus. Do you see how small it is? And it is stitched! Plus it contains his hand cut rubber stamps! – Definitely a must have. I wrote him I had a good idea what to make for him as a swap. And I do remember having an idea, too. But what on earth was it again? Oh, man, I have been wracking my brain but I completely forgot.
Ah, well. I’ll think of something else during the weekend. I sure will have fun, searching through all the stuff I have collected and things I have made, and see what I can come up with.

I wish you all an equally entertaining weekend!