Collaborative Book Project

gloomy spring by H.Kurzke, work in progressI am running late, well almost late, with my contribution to the book project that we started among us Bookbinding Etsy Street Team peeps. Still no text bits added, still hesitating whether this is really what I want to hand in. And time is pressing. I need to have it in the mail by Friday. Probably I should have had it in the mail by last Friday since shipping from Europe to the US naturally takes longer than from in the states.

For those who want to see more of the whole project: Check out Karleigh Jae‘s blog. She is organizing the project for us, and writes about the contributions that one by one will reach her hands to be redistributed.

Auf diesem Blog hier wird Karleigh Jae, die unser Buchprojekt organisiert, über die einzelnen Beiträge schreiben. Meine Seiten sind immernoch nicht in der Post. Ach ja, ich sollte mich wirklich endlich durchringen, diese Seiten fertig zu bekommen.