bunte Kalender 2010

Above you see a stack of my calendars that I am going to offer on the craft fair that I am going to in less than 3 weeks. Inside they are the same as my other two calendars, but they are less time consuming to make and will be much cheaper.

Just a reminder so that you know what I am talking about. This are my other two calendars:

"Wired" Calendar 2010
I showed off this book already in this post.

It is now used by M. – I think he liked it immediately for the copper on the cover.

Calendar "Circuit"

And this is now mine: Also sewn onto cords, same image as “wired” but other software modification, with closure.

I liked sewing the calendars on cords but it just takes too much time for me, and I am not able to offer them for sale for a reasonable price, so I won’t make more. If one of you should want one – I do take custom orders. Check out my homepage at

The Coptic bound calendars were a lot of fun to make, too. The bright colors lighten up the day they are handled. I were in good mood the whole day after they were finished.