tunnelbook 'bestseller' 02Moving into my new studio felt like playing sokoban: Put this shelf here, while moving that table, then place the other shelf…

While the movement of the furniture was relatively easy, the question where to store all the stuff that usually sits in the selves was much more difficult.

I was anxious all the time that one of my works could get hurt or damaged. In the very end, all the stuff was safely transferred into the new room, all that was left to do was to arrange them all in the shelves, move the stuff around a final time, and adjust the height of all boards.

tunnelbook 'bestseller' 01
And then it happened: I carelessly decided to raise a board which was full of folders – of course without taking them out first. (Where should I have put them?!) On the board below it sat my book tunnel. With a noise that made my toenails curl upwards, the board crashed on top of the panel with the parchment windows.

With a pounding heart I checked it immediately. And it seemed that nothing had happened to it. I was relieved and actually surprised that is did not spring open. When I looked at it las Friday, however, I saw the damage:

bruised book tunnel
bruised book tunnel

Can you see how the right wall slightly bends? And the paper at that side is slightly creased, this vertical shadow marks the crease.

Maybe this tunnel is not really destroyed, it still “works”: Looking through it from the front (the other side) you don’t even notice that it is slightly hurt. But I am going to re-do it. – And hopefully make it better: I decided in the meantime that the top really should be removable so that if the mini book inside should fall of its support this doesn’t mean I have to destroy the tunnel. And there are some details which I think I could do better.

new book tunnel
the cut but still empty piece for a new tunnel

So this is what I’ll be doing this week. And I also have some ideas for new tunnels. I hope I’ll get to try out some of these. – It would not be the first time that I distract myself right in the middle of the process with something new.

Have a great week, everyone!