Moebius II. “Running in circles”

Moebius II. "Running in circles"

Moebius II

This is the second of three books I made in the form of a moebius strip. For this one the pages have content: They show a rubberband being twisted and knotted. and untangled again, twisted, untangled, twisted, untangled, … Since there is no beginning or end for this book, the reader goes through the motions again and again. The knot on the other side of the strip (locally, i.e. for just a couple of pages this makes sense) are mirror to the one on the page that is currently being looked at. That means, if the picture of the knot on top is a top view. the picture of the knot on the bottom is the view of the same tangle but from below.

artwork: Hilke Kurzke
photo: Hilke Kurzke

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