346. A Journey While Staying As Still As Possible is a book about my 7 week long hospital stay while being pregnant with my twins. It is produced in an edition of 10, the first two of which are accompanied by a model of the hospital room I stayed in.

Much thought went into the book and its form: I entered hospital in gestation week 21, and with the prognosis that birth was underway, and the most likely outcome was the loss of both children. I strung along one day at a time, some days fearing for their life, others for mine, and most in the most weird limbo in between. Perspective and planning for the future narrowed down to the next day since, as the nurses kept telling me: every day counts for a pregnancy in this stage.

To give credit to this, I printed my day-to-day account on a scroll and housed it in a case. This way, the reader has to go through the experience with me in a linear fashion. Just I like I couldn’t know how this would end, the reader also can neither skip ahead, nor know from the girth of the book how long this might take. What is visible however is the past, and while the book is read, the scrolls, like the days, pile on beside the book.

Copy 1 finished in 2017, copies 3-10 finished in 2018

In 2020 I finished this video which uses the models from copy 1 and 2:


Copies 3-10 (scroll in Box) are ready to ship and available through direct contact with me for £200.