Me Working – Still not on Books

me and the new old press
me and the new old press

The past week I have mainly been busy with creating my homepage. I am rather proud that I wrote the whole page by hand and not in a visual editor or with preset styles. Using wordpress for the blog and the homepage would have been so much easier that I feel a bit foolish by doing that, though.

Writing the homepage by hand took so much more time, not only because I needed to learn how to do it first: It’s hard to decide what to start with and what design to choose if you are starting with an empty file, not with making a choice between a number of predefined layouts. Well, I am not sure whether I am completely satisfied with the whole setup as it is now, but I decided that it is well enough for a start, and stopped worrying about it for a while. I can always redesign it later.

When I needed some time away from my computer I continued to work on cleaning my new old bookpress. As you can see in the picture I am almost done. – I’m so looking forward to that day when it is clean and painted and sitting in my studio! Then I can finally get back to making books. And even better – with a real book press.

Have a nice weekend!

P.S.: You can still enter the give-away that I started on my moving day!



Welcome to my new blog and to my blogiversary celebration! The past year of blogging was much fun. Thanks to all you kind people out there who contributed with comments and supported me with hints and tips.

Some of this joy I want to give back to you. With my blogiversary and the move to this new blog I have two things to celebrate and so there are two give-aways. You can win during this week the stack of materials above and this new green Ritter Sport Mini Books:
Ritter Sport Mini book

And this is what you can find inside the material package:


Three different sheets of my paste paper, a big sheet of a gift wrapping paper with a paisley pattern, a piece of backed cloth, some scraps of other paper, some old photographs I once purchased on a flee market, some post cards with interesting pictures, some beads, some labels that I printed. Furthermore, I added two beautiful sheets of cream white Siam mulberry paper (to give you an impression of how nice this paper it: I used it for the knot book here.). And there are several sheets of the construction paper that I used for my Maxi Book.

And this is what you have to do to enter your name in the hat: Leave a comment to this blog entry and tell me what you think of this new site.  You help me by reporting any problems you encountered, whether it is an icon that your browser doesn’t represent probably, or whether you think the text is too small to read. And I would like to hear your opinion about what header you prefer. On top you see banner 1, this is just one of three that made it into my own final round, now I want to hear which one you like best. Here are the other two:

Banner 2:
banner 2

Banner 3:


Just leave a comment, let me know what you think and whether and in which give-away you want to participate (you may of course enter in both!) and your name will be included in the pull next Wednesday.  I’ll publicly announce the lucky winners on this blog. I’ll then exchange emails with the winners and ask them for shipping details. I’ll happily sent both items to anywhere in the world.

Welcome to my new blog!