14+ hours of work – wasted?

print 007I had the stupid idea to try and print with linoleum onto book cloth.

I ordered petroleum this morning to clean the linoleum of the oil printing color which I am planning to use. The lino printing colors on water basis that I used for these proof prints doesn’t dry water resistant, so I don’t want to apply it to the exterior of a book. At this moment, I have not even tried to print with them onto the cloth, and already think that it was a bad idea from the start: A “Schnapsidee” in German.

print 008

After more than 14 hours of concentrated work I don’t think that the results look good on paper – how much worse will they be on the cloth?

I started on Sunday afternoon to make the cut that you can see in the above photo in the front. After first proof print I decided that it looks too bland for the front cover. So it had to be the back cover and I had to do something more ornate for the front page. The result is visible on the photo here. After the first prints I decided to reduce the middle decoration. Maybe this could work as a front cover decoration if it were embossed. Probably it will only look cheap as a lino print.

print 006

Because I was cutting lino anyway, I also tried to make me another and better stamp for my journals. The proof is pictured on the right. – This is a photo, and I held the camera at a slight angle. The photo is slightly bigger than the actual prints and carving the letters was delicate work. – I don’t like the shaky and irregular letters at all.

I hope you had a more successful start into this new week!

The Tea Book

The Book of Tea

Before I start into the weekend (to celebrate the graduation of my youngest sister) I want to show off my latest book. Please note the “true Coptic double headbands“. But it’s the inside pages what interests me now: On the picture above you can hopefully see that they are colored. I dyed them using tea (again). Other than the last time I didn’t dip the paper in tea, but applied it with brushes. Like painting with the tea on the sketching paper. And this time I didn’t actually use real tea brewed from the leaves of the tea plant but from fruits, peppermint, and other herbs.

The Book of Tea

I tried to capture the effect in the picture to the left, but it turned out surprisingly hard to make good photos of it. The coloring of the pages vary significantly from a faint gray to a rather bright yellow. It was meant to give a more interesting background for a journal. When I held the finished book in my hands, I briefly thought about leaving it as it is (as a book filled with tea-paintings). But this is a stupid idea: It is a journal with an interesting background.


I first painted the whole sheets from both sides (letting them dry before turning them over). Then I teared them to size, completely wet them again, and let them dry between thick pieces of coarsely woven cotton (was the an  upholstery material before). I once changed the fabric between them, and pressed them while they were then drying over night. This gave them a nice structure (visible on this photo – at least if you know what to look for).

I wish you a nice weekend! – And leave you with another picture of my book.

The Book of Tea

Book Swap: Something New

On June 17th a book made by Rachel reached me. We both participated in the swap at the book arts forum. I blogged about my contribution here.

The post bag
The post bag

On said Wednesday the delivery man from a foreign shipping company handed me a grey and red New Zealand Post bag (I always love to look at the foreign packaging, too). I was briefly amused by the notice that it’s forbidden to send prohibited items in this bag and then cut it open. Inside the padded envelope was a huge (10″ x 10″) thing that I – clever as I am – immediately identified as a book wrapped in more protective wrapping. Already unwrapping it was a tactile pleasure. It took me a while to get the plastics off and I could feel interesting bumps underneath my fingertips, getting ever more curious.

Coptic Bound by Rachel
Coptic Bound by Rachel

And when finally uncovered I found this Coptic bound book. As mentioned above the covers are 25cm x 25cm (10″ x 10″) Lego construction boards. Inside are estimated 160 pages from a white paper that feels thicker and heavier than my usual office paper. I can’t identify it as a specific paper, though. It is bound not with a thread but with a white narrow ribbon whose ends are left long and peep out of the book.

She wrote herself about her book here.

BEST swap and my book from Jellygnite

jellygnite 01

BEST stands for Bookbinding Etsy Street Team. It’s a group of etsy sellers that make handbound books. You can see our books that are currently for sale there if you search for the word “bookbindingteam“. We also have a team blog and other forms of joint presentation.

jellygnite 02

Once every two months we are having a swap between those member who like to enter. The photos in this post are from the beautiful book(s) that I received from Jellygnite this time. They/It came in a charming paper bag made from a book page. The accordion is a glossy ivory color and the painted pieces of paper on the booklets have a very vibrant color. And I love the snippets of fish, maps, insects, text and whatnot visible on the backsides of the inside pages.

jellygnite 04

jellygnite 03

New Books

Mini Dalmatiner

Ich  war nicht ganz untätig in der letzten Woche. Aber es ist noch viel zu tun – was Kunst und Handwerk anbelangt, und privat ist auch gerade eine Menge los (ein Familienfest nach dem anderen mit Besuch und was nicht zwischendurch). Deshalb fasse ich heute nur mal zusammen, was ich in der letzen Woche so gemacht habe.

While you were reading rather short posts during the last week, I was busy with making more books. My private life was also demanding that week and will be for at least another week: A confirmation, graduation and other festivities on the weekends and some visits in between. Therefore there is also still a lot left to be done (and another visitor will arrive tomorrow). So today I will just list what I did and made during the past days.

I started to write up how to do the colored headbands with which I experimented recently. I first wrote up how to do the plain two-colored version, enriched with photos taken during making this cute doggie mini book. The headbands look a bit overwhelming on the small version. *Sigh*, maybe I’ll shoot photos again with another book.

Zunächst einmal habe ich angefangen, aufzuschreiben (vor allem erstmal für mich selbst) wie die verschiedenen mehrfarbigen koptischen Kapitalbänder gemacht werden, mit denen ich letztens experimentiert habe. Zur Erklärung gibt’s Photos, die ich geschossen habe, während ich dieses Mini Buch mit Dalmatinernmit Kapitalbändern geschmückt habe. Aber um alles nochmal übersichtlicher zu machen, will ich vielleicht noch einige schematische Zeichnungen hinzufügen. Erste Versuche dazu hatten allerdings eher einen vernebelnden, als einen erhellenden Effekt. – Gute Skizzen sind da wirklich nicht so einfach zu machen!

Furthermore I continued a very old series with the following books. The series was and is called ‘chocolate book and soup volume’:

Ich habe außerdem mit diesen Mini Ritter Sport Büchern (10 habe ich jetzt, und damit reicht’s erstmal) und den Thai-Instant-Suppenbüchern oben die uralte Serie “Schokoladenheft und Suppenbuch” weitergeführt. Die Bücher oben gefallen mir jetzt doch ziemlich gut. Das sind die Buchblöcke, die ich noch von meinen ersten Versuchen mit selbstgestochenen Kapitalbändern hatte. Damals hatte ich mich geärgert, dass die Farbe von den Seiten abblättert. Ich habe das also durch ein bisschen Schmirgelpapier verstärkt: Nun sieht es ein wenig gleichmäßiger abgewetzt aus, und ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass nichts mehr weiter abblättert. Ritter Sport Mini - New Batch of 10

Außerdem habe ich angefangen, Photoalben zu machen. Das untern ist das erste, dass ich im Laufe des Tages auch auf Etsy einstellen will. Und nicht zuletzt habe ich in der letzten Woche sehr erfreuliche Post bekommen: 2 Bücher aus swaps (und einige für die ich bezahlt habe). Die werde ich aber in einem nächsten Eintrag vorstellen. Ich wünsche einen guten Start in die neue Woche!

And I also started to make photo albums. The one below will be the first I’ll also list on Etsy in the next hours. And last but not least: I received pleasant mail: 2 books that I got from different swaps. I’ll show them off in the next post. I wish you a pleasant start into the new week!

Blue Photoalbum with Dogs