I am finally back from a rather long, and much needed summer break. Soon I’ll be making books again, and the blog will be more focused on that topic again!

Endlich bin ich aus meiner relativ langen Sommerpause wieder zurück an der Arbeit. Demnächst werde ich also wieder Bücher machen, und das Blog hier wird wieder mehr on-topic sein. Die erste Aufgabe besteht für mich darin, Prioritäten zu setzen. Die Menge der Dinge, die ich mir als “demnächst mal machen” notiert habe, ist einfach zu lang geworden, und es kommen immer schneller neue Sachen hinzu, als ich sie abarbeiten kann. Also werde ich mich wohl schweren Herzens von einigen Vorhaben verabschieden müssen. Kalender werde ich dieses Jahr wahrscheinlich deshalb nicht machen, zumindest nicht selbst das Kalendarium entwerfen. – Aber für Entschlüsse ist es noch zu früh, ich bin noch dabei zu sortieren, und auszusortieren.

to do list

First thing to do is to prioritize my to do list. Staying focused and deciding what I really want to do, remembering that I cannot make everything that would be cool to make, is and stays an issue for me. On these little tags I noted such tasks as: Design calendars, make new illustrations for photo albums, write Coptic binding intstructions, moebius project, … – and this are just 5 of the more than 30 items there. Ahem, no, I never really thought I could do this all. But all these projects would be nice to have done, and fun to make, and it is hard to let some of them go. But that will be my first task for this week: Prioritize!

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  1. Organization, prioritizing and blocking out distractions… no words of wisdom from me, I’m afraid. Good luck! I like your post-it system. Much better than my scraps of papers with lists on them that then get lost…

    I do look forward to seeing your projects as they progress!

    1. Well, I do try, but I am really not good at is working on too many things at the same time. And if I don’t take care, I am starting a lot of things, and not finishing any. A new idea always asks to be made first. Then I spend all my time on the new thing, and never find time to finish the other project which suddenly is so boring. But before the current project is carried through, a new idea eats up all my attention. Adding to the pile of old projects that need to have been finished yesterday.
      I felt completely exhausted before my vacation, and the old ghosts already start chasing me again. – How do you solve these problem? Or are they not yours?

  2. No matter how wonderful the holiday, the old ghosts start appearing very soon after I return. In fact I always feel I need a holiday after the holiday. I’m not good at prioritising, make lots of lists in my notebooks, even transfer whole pages of lists to the next book when I still haven’t caught up. I’m certainly not a person to give advice. I still have boxes I haven’t unpacked and I’ve been here nearly two years. And when I do unpack a box I find things I’ve been needing; and I’ve just found all my book binding books – how have I lived without them all this time?

    1. Ha! I also still have boxes unpacked, and we have been living here for 3 years now. I am pretty sure they don’t contain anything that I need too necessary, though. – Or maybe I should go and have a look eventually… 🙂

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