crochet blanket
Crochet Rainbow Blanket finished

Some of you might remember that this year in April, while I was preparing to move my studio, I came across crochet hooks and spontaneously tried a little crochet. And somehow I didn’t stop then. I bought a book about crochet and made a lot of face cloths, amigurumi elephants and other small things. In May I then started on a “secret” crochet project where a new part of the pattern is revealed once a week. I ended up making this blanket which, for the photo, I put down in front of the bed in the reading room:

While this first “secret” blanket is not exactly representative of my usual taste, I do not regret embarking on that project: I learned  a lot making all those different flowers, squares, and edges. After some flirtations with other small things I then had the idea to make a throw for the bed in our reading room. – And yesterday I finally finished it! See top photo.

wonky crochet
a wonky start – my first crochet trial in April

The reason why I have so much time for crochet is – among other – that pretty much since May work has been extremely slow for changing reasons. It seems that every time things seem to pick up, something else came up. And so I spent more time sitting in front of the tv with some wool and a crochet hook than in my studio.

new book: small, grungy, worn dark brown leather

But, today both kids are in school, after two weeks of taking turns being sick, and I am actually working in my beautiful wash-house studio. – For a day, since today is the last day before half-term, two weeks of autumn holidays. – But: I made a book!

The reason for the sewing on the spine looking a little bit odd is because it’s not finished yet. (I am still in the experimental phase and don’t want to give away too much yet, but I’ll just say that it is not by accident that you see it here in a post about mostly crochet.) It is a beautiful little book of which I had difficulty making photos that look right in time for this blogpost to go live.


same book, weird stitching on the spine, number on the flap


book blocl
book block. Mhm, I love stacks of paper, and look at those rounded corners!
even the leather corners are rounded, yummy

Just a few more notes and heads-up! for those who read until this end:

  • due to the decline of the British pound the prices in my shop are currently too low. If you are quick you can make a bargain today, tonight I am going to put it into Holiday mode to take my time to have the time to make the prices fit again.
  • today is the last day before half-term, and two weeks of autumn holidays with only few studio time for me is up ahead, so it will be a while until you get more news from me, I am afraid
  • I ordered screenprinting supplies (tracking tells me they are currently being held by customs), and will start back in my studio hopefully with making prints! Yay!

Wishing you a wonderful autumn!

3 replies on “Back at Work – Yay! – For a day”

  1. Dear Cathryn,
    thanks for stopping by – and my apologies for having been so silent in the last months. As mentioned in the blogpost above, things have been difficult since the summer here. We expect it all to continue being difficult at least until Christmas, but hopefully from next week, when the kids are back in school, I’ll have enough time to look a bit at what you have been doing in the past weeks!
    Glad to hear you like the blanket! Can you wear the sweater by now which you finished a bit too late last spring? I do remember you mentioned a lace design you put into a sweater which was then too warm to wear.

  2. Yes, the weather is getting cool enough that I will be able to wear the sweater finished just as summer weather was starting! ; ]

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