erased Kurzke binding

Erased, Hilke Kurzke, 2014

I am a self trained book artist, writer, printmaker, and book binder, and I am (was, maybe) a mathematician and theologian by training, and a lover of stories. Topics for my art often come from where those interests overlap. I am curious and ever again amazed by how books work and manage to conserve and teach knowledge and experiences, and try to show and examine this magic with my work.

In my early pieces I concentrated on structural elements of books. But soon I discovered the writing down of language as an important aspect. Consequently works in secret and fake script entered my body of work, and books where all or part of the text is concealed or erased.

to touch and to cut, opened

to touch and to cut, Hilke Kurzke, 2009

I like to experiment with printing methods, often relief printing in different form and from different materials. Striving for simplicity and a more intimate encounter between artist and reader I used cardboard, and even handwriting and -drawing and simple stencils for more recent work beside more commonly used materials for printing blocks (linoleum, rubber, wood), .

In a series of more abstract pieces, I want to translate the beauty I see in mathematics in general and geometry in particular into the world of books, playing with form and content, and trying to reach out to those who might otherwise  not be that interested in works of mathematics, even afraid, maybe.

die stadt / the city

die stadt / the city, Hilke Kurzke, 2012

Some of my books feature my own texts. My “fragments” are very short works of fiction that seem to be pieces of a larger story, often just one scene, highlighting a moment of clarity of the protagonist.
The fascination by how marks on paper can create an atmosphere, often leads me to just to set a scene with words for my readers, throwing them into a setting, utilizing the book, its structure, and imagery to then leave it to them to play the puppets and finish the story in their heads.