frozen book detail
Frozen, detail of layered imagery with secret writing. Kurzke 2012

Books are magic, utter magic. Just think about it: they are nothing but pages bound together, smudged in an orderly manner with regular marks. Something very abstract and material. But then you see readers, carefully examining these marks, and suddenly they will burst into laughter or cry, get angry or enlightened… – and not by the marks as such, but something more and immaterial, for if you have learned how to decode these smudges, you have an experience almost like a voice talking to you while looking at them.

The writing down of ideas and language is such a powerful cultural tool, and their permanace in the form of books is marvellous. We are so accustomed to book around us that we often overlook their magic. Bringing this magic back into plain view as been the core of all my efforts in the book arts since the very start.

With Child, print by H. Kurzke, 2015

Topics for my art often come from where my interest in mathematics, theology and books overlap. As indicated above, I am very much interested in the writing down of language and the choice of hand writing or print is always very conscious. Some of my books are written in a system that I have developed for this purpose.

Another body of work concentrates on my experiences as a women in this society. The pressure of expectation and the appropriation of the female body by the public was especially noticable to me while being pregnant. In my most recent book, 346. A Journey While Staying as Still as Possible, I examine women’s loss of rights over their own body during pregnancy and the tight prescription of acceptable emotions and behaviours, by retelling my experiences during my pregnancy; and in my print work I therefore studying female beauty outside the usually accepted boundaries.

planning of a stamp in the women with hats series, 2016