Talking Heads – Current Body of Work

My “Talking Heads” are a series of encased scrolls where the case is shaped like a head. The scroll comes out of the head’s mouth. – I have long been fascinated with how we speak and how diversity represents in speech pattern. This work is reflecting on that.


In my previous body of work I explored the impact of societal pressure on women. How we speak and are being spoken to about the topics of reproduction. I made a variety of different works between 2013 and 2020 on the topic of pregnancy and miscarriage.

Milk and Blood and Thing with Feathers consists of a life-sized sculpture of the lower body of a pregnant woman. The womb is cut open and a dead baby/bird hybrid can be seen in the cavity. The sculpture is exhibited together with spoken poetry, please see video.

Milk and Blood and Thing with Feathers with Text and Sound

346. A Journey While Staying as Still as Possible is an illustrated scroll with a day to day account of my 7 week hospital stay and fight for the life of my twins and myself. Copy number 1 and 2 come with miniature models of the hospital room in which I stayed.

A short film using my miniatures included with the book 346. A Journey While Staying as Still As Possible

More Traditional Book Work

My most recent book produced in an open edition is “Folklorico”. It contains my own play with the same title. The book is hand produced.

Secret Love is a little card-like book that plays with geometry, and our intuitive perception of lines, tangents and secants, hand-produced in a limited edition of 20.