selbstprtrait kleiner
self portrait 2010

Hilke Kurzke is a mostly self-taught book artist, writer, printmaker and book binder.

She was born in 1976 in Germany, Lower Saxony, and only realised after studies to become a mathematician and RU teacher that her true vocation is with books.

After having been granted a Phd in mathematics in 2007, having just moved from Berlin to Bonn, still looking for a job, she decided to bind the presentation copies of her thesis by hand. A transforming experience. – And in November 2008 she founded Büchertiger, – and has been self-employed since then. Even thought the business itself went through some natural changes since then.

frozen, artist book by Hilke Kurzke
self portraits, artwork 2012

She made her first pieces of book art in 2008: Tauchgang I and II were her first pieces of book art, made before she had learned that there was such a thing. She called them books with holes because holes in the pages allowed the reader to dive into the book, into a underwater cavern by turning the pages, – only to discover they are set pieces while leafing through the book.

As her interest and ambition in the book arts grew, so did her interest in and love for printmaking. In 2008 she cut lino for the first time ever.

Acquiring coloured linen thread to use in her bindings was surprisingly hard, and so in 2012 Büchertiger officially split up into Büchertiger Studio & Press and Büchertiger Supplies, as she started to branch out into selling linen thread herself.

Other personal milestones were the birth of her twins in 2011 and the move to England in 2013. Both left their mark in her artwork. Pregnancy and motherhood made the cultural demands and disappropriation of femals bodies very obvious and resulted in an increased interest in feminist topics. Which has been the main topic in her bookwork since her move to Nottingham.

346. A Journey While Staying As Still As Possible, by H. Kurzke
346. A Journey While Staying As Still As Possible, by H. Kurzke, a limited edition artwork, 10 copies, the first two come with a model of hospital room No. 346 where she spent 7 weeks lying with an elevated hip prior to the premature birth of her children.

The thriving supplies business took more of her time than before, but also gave her the freedom to delevop artistic visions. In the time since then she spend time and effort to develop and learn printmaking techniques. In an attempt to increase the intimacy between the author and the reader of a book, she started investigating simple materials that are widely available, resulting in printing with carboard and aluminium foil.

The first years in England she worked from a tiny attic space which resulted in miniature work. The most recent work 346. A Journey While Staying As Still As Possible is a sublimation of all these years with big and tiny side by side.