26 is a lot

26 covers ready to be folded

For my edition of the mini-pop up I am making 26 books: 24 are in the edition, and I am making two more which won’t be for sale, only for handling and showing.

I never knew 26 is so much!

26 spine stiffeners waiting to be glued into the covers
26 spine stiffeners waiting to be glued into the covers

Printing the covers was a nightmare. Back to back registration was hard to do with the printer, and finally I gave up. I only printed the text and cut the covers with the help of a stencil, and made the markings on the back by hand.

stencil use on the cover (a bit of the text showing on the stencil which helped for lining up the stencil correctly)

The boxes already got painted a second time, then sanded yesterday, plus I added a label on each:

Next step after preparing the covers: Continued preparation of the boxes: I added retrieval bands to each.

Now I am really tired. But, at last, the first one is finished. I’ll show you pictures soon.

Man, 26 is such a lot of books even if they are small. I’ll not forget for the next time!


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  1. 26 is indeed a lot. Argh! 15 has been roughly my own maximum before insanity completely takes over. And for some books, long before 15. And this does not look like a simple structure.

    You have my empathy dealing with printer registration. That is something that frustrates me a lot. I recently gave up on a couple of miniature booklets I was trying to print–I just couldn’t stand dealing with it anymore.

    I look forward to the pictures of the finished piece!

    1. what really drove me mad was and is the printer registration. But well, the difference between the professional and expensive printers and those available for home-use have to be somewhere, I guess. Next time I’ll probably try and go for screenprinting. IF there will be a next time. I cannot understand anymore what went on in my head when I thought: Let’s make as many as I possibly can. I got to remember for the next time: “Think before you go to work!”

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