Literature List for February

Before I present this month’s literature list, I want to remind you that the Spring Sale with a discount of 50% on all books is still going on at Büchertiger Studio and Press. Please help find good homes for them! This month’s list is a little longer than last one’s but as per usual I

Look, I made a Book- Even Two!

I mentioned in a each one of my blogposts in January that I was working on a book for a swap in Jackie’s Book Arts Forum. Now finally is the time to show off some pictures and talk about the book in more than just obscure side notes. The topic for this winter swap was:

Literature List for January

It is time for another literature list. Unfortunately I have not read much this month. So, well, see for yourself: Mark-making in Textile Art, Hellen Parrott Text in Textile Art, Sara Impey When Women Were Birds: Fifty-four Variations on Voice by Terry Tempest Williams probably it doesn’t really belong here, but the few chapters I