Yet more drypoint printing

I had a little time today for another print. Sticking to the basics, I made another feather print. I decided to give the dry-point on cardboard another go. If you look closely you can make out parts where the printing is darker and where it is lighter. (For example the shaft of the feather is

Much going on

Oh dear, it has been a while since my last “real” blog post. All – or at least most of what has been going on at Büchertiger Studio and Press was connected to the Message in a Bottle project and thus was blogged over there: A whole bunch of bottles was made, dispatched in different

Literature List for May

Sorry the list is late – again! A lot has been going on that kept me from blogging: The kids are now two years old! Flickr has gone through major changes and I decided to join the exodus and can now be found on ipernity instead. More moving is being prepared, but I’ll tell you