Literature List for March

This is my literature list post for March. As you can see from the titles listed below, I am and was still very much interested in printing. Last months (Febuary‘s list, January‘s list) I bought books about printing because I was (still) interested in sun printing. While browsing the books I got interested in screen


I briefly mentioned a swap on the books arts forum before. It was not my most inspired contribution ever, and I never got around to show you what I made for the swap. But now is the time, I guess. I received notice that my swap partner received her copy (and all other recipients, too),

Easter Give-Away

The normal family madness here is only half a family: Always one of either me or hubby is working while the other is responsible for the twins. When hubby gets home from work, I start to write invoices, pack orders, get them ready to carry them to the mail the next day, answer emails, and

Das besondere Journal – Ein Kit für eine Lederbindung

Mein neuestes Kit ist fertig: Anleitung plus Material plus benötigtes Werkzeug (in diesem Falle nur eine Buchbindenadel). Jedes Exemplar ist ein handgefertigtes Einzelstück. Mehr könnt ihr in meinem Shop oder auch bei Flickr anschauen. Der heraushängende Heftfaden ist übrigens historisch: Als die Koperten nicht (mehr) nur übergangsweise, sondern auch als permanente Bindung benutzt wurden, ergab