Literature List in November

Those of you who read this blog regularly might have wondered what happened to the October literature list. Well, in October I indeed didn’t buy a single book. This is very rare. Lack of time to read them, hardly makes me stop buying books. However, free time has been so scarce lately, that I could

Worktable Weekend

Most of the time this weekend I spend with making 24 Origami Boxes for an advent calendar for a friend. Each box is made from 8 square pieces of folded paper, this makes a total of 192 pieces of origami for this advent calendar. I learned to make them from the book Origami Card Craft

New Newsletter

Es gibt einen neuen Newsletter. Wenn Du ihn aboniert hast, ist er schon in deiner Mailbox gelandet. Ansonsten findest du ihn von meinem Blog aus unter dem Reiter “Newsletter” im Archiv. I wrote and sent out a new newsletter today. If you are subscribed, it already lies in your mailbox waiting for you. It can

Leaf Print Experiments

A first experiment: On the left a print, on the right the same print, just slightly traced with sakura pen and colored in with Japanese watercolors (based on plant pigments, as far as I know). Not quite satisfied with the results. I wish I knew whether or not the prints are permanent, or how fast