Worktable Weekend

Kids have been sick, and I had very little time to work. There are new colors of linen thread in my shop, and I still have to list a couple of new covers that are available with my Coptic binding kit. I am writing this while hubby is dressing them, for me to leave with

A Beating Heart

Guess what this is. Yes! It is my latest mini book. Finally I scraped together enough time to make some pictures and list this new mini poetry book. More photos can be found here in my shop. The description mentions another mini book that I made last year. I even blogged about it back then.

Literature List for September

I know I am running late for this month’s literature list. – Sorry about this! As you might imagine if you read the last blog post, it took me a while to get the computer online and running again. Still I feel distracted by boxes standing around here and there in the flat, waiting to