Literature List for May

This month the list is rather large, larger than usual for me, and for the first time since writing these lists I don’t feel like I have to apologize for it being so short. These actually still got ordered in April, and therefore should have been on the April list: Structural Package Designs. Cd with

Saturday in the Studio

This is how my studio looks today. Much better than yesterday! Yesterday, I thought I’d grant myself a break from ugly paper- and office work (need to fill out tax forms, applications, insurance stuff, …). But when I entered: Oh, my! I took a picture, but sorry for the low quality: my hands must have

A glimpse at my workspace

I have been rather silent lately, I know. Plus I should have finished several projects by now and I haven’t. Kids are getting ever more time consuming, and at the moment I am spending more time with them than before since hubby has some important projects to finish, too. (Actually before his co-author will be

New Thread

I am excited to have found a new linen thread. It is 18/3 thread, but it was not meant for bookbinding and not as thoroughly twisted like the bookbinding thread I am usually using. It feels soft and slightly floppy and looking at the thread you can see fine fibers sticking out. The colors, though,