Creature in my Studio

As you all know I spend much time at the hospital to see my kids at the moment. I managed to squeeze in some time to cut new stamps (will have to make pictures and show them to you another time) and to reorganize my studio (needs space for two sleeping kids; will sell my

Escape – A Blind Tooled Mini Book

This was my small mental escape today: I played with the tools I acquired the other day and made this mini book. It is said one shouldn’t praise one’s own work but I must say I am rather pleased with the outcome of this experiment. Here in my shop you can see more images. The

Back in Business

My Coptic headbands book is now available again. Since each copy is handmade, I ran out of books when I was in hospital. Now I have made a couple of new copies this week, and now it is available again. For the new start the first 6 sold copies come with a little extra. Mein


They had a special deal for pencils at the drug store around the corner. (Don’t ask me why the drug store is selling pencils in the first place. For some reason they did, and they were very cheap.) So I couldn’t resist to buy 30 of them and cut letters in the eraser ends. Here’s